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The marketing plan for your business should not be driven by the latest social media fad. It should be built on a solid foundation of sales goals, customer insights, and a clearly defined marketing mix that is optimized for your industry.


The best-laid plans are doomed to go awry if there isn’t any follow-through on the execution. Our team takes a fully integrated approach to the management of our clients’ campaigns. Marketing management is where the rubber meets the road.


If “Management” is where the rubber meets the road, then “Analysis” is where jet fuel meets the turbine engine of marketing. Looking back is always important, but what if you could look backward while also looking forward?


For small & mid-size businesses


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Web Design.

We do that!

The Department 14 Marketing team provides a wide range of web design services, from basic web design to eCommerce solutions, we provide our clients with a robust solution that is specific to their needs and that matches their brand. The process we use to draft, design, develop, finalize, and launch each website is very efficient and results in a very positive client experience.

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Ad Budgeting.

We do that!

Budgeting for your business’s advertising is vitally important. If you make an advertising budget and stick to it – you’ll be less buy unnecessary advertising. We work with our clients to understand their advertising needs, then build a comprehensive budget and execute adverting purchases on their behalf.

Eliminate Bothersome Sales Calls
and Improve Your ROI

Social Media Management.

We do that!

Our team of experts is ready to help supercharge your social media marketing. It isn’t enough to simply have a freelance person that “is on Facebook a lot” – we hear this all the time. Our “no-BS” professional experience has shown that unskilled freelancers are usually an expense that doesn’t yield any return for the business.

Supercharge Your Social Media
and Grow Your Audience

Full-Scale Services.

We’ve got you covered!

Department 14 is a full-scale agency and provides comprehensive creative solutions for our clients. We have a team of talented graphic designers, videographers, photographers, copywriters, coders, and project managers that help accomplish almost any marketing need that your business might have.

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Marketing Experts.

In eCommerce, digital, and traditional advertising


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