Effectively Using Humor in Content Marketing
content marketing using humor

Episode 9 of The Marketing Minute: Effectively Using Humor in Content Marketing Everyone likes a good joke. Everyone wants to be entertained. But when it comes to using humor in content marketing, people still hesitate. We are, after all, not here purely to entertain. Our content needs to serve a business purpose, inspire action, and […]

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Conversation is Important for Social Media Marketing
dept 14 social media marketing

Businesses “Do” Social Media Build a Facebook Page, set up a Twitter account, create a YouTube channel and make a LinkedIn profile. These (along with several other sites) are the things that businesses (small and large) are told they should do to start their social media marketing – and they do. Somewhere along the way […]

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Five Tips for Conversion Marketing

For any marketer, making a conversion is always the end goal in mind. You create a conversion when you persuade a user to do something, whether that’s make a purchase, sign up for an email newsletter, complete a form, or download a file. Making a conversion should be as easy as offering something of value, […]

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